We opened our first location back in 2016 as we wanted to share the traditional Italian food with the fine people of Norwich. We serve authentic Italian dishes passed down from generation to generation. All of our food is made fresh with Italian and locally sourced ingredients, made in house our Norwich Trattoria.


Rocco was born in Sicily and opened the first Sicily Market location on the Norwich Market on April 1st 2017. He travelled to Italy and while there he visited Naples, the homeland of pizza. He obtained a diploma, acquiring fundamental training on how to prepare traditional pasta and pizza, also learning how to use wood-fired ovens to prepare pizza.


Bruno was born in Italy and grew up in Cava del Tirreni, just near Naples. He joined the team in August 2018 and brings his knowledge of preparing dishes from Campania and Sicily regions. He is also an aspiring photographer and you can find out more information here.


You can find Rocco and Bruno our Trattoria in the Norwich Lanes, come and taste the dishes of Italian cuisine. Rocco and Bruno first met about three years ago in Norwich. After a short time a great friendship was born,sharing a passion for great food and Italian culture, which brought them closer together and now they are serving the fine people of Norwich with real and authentic Italian recipes. The goal was to open a trattoria / pizzeria with real and authentic Italian recipes and in 2020 that goal was achieved.